Research Platform for 300 mm Frontend and Backend Wafer Level Integration

Center for Advanced CMOS & Heterointegration Saxony location at Wilschdorfer Straße in Dresden, Germany.

The Fraunhofer Center for Advanced CMOS & Heterointegration Saxony – CEASAX gives you access to the most advanced technologies - from developing new IP up to pilot fabrication.

With us you will find a strong research partner for the complete process chain for microelectronics, from design over frontend and backend to systems on 300 mm wafers.

As the appointed location for 300 mm wafer technologies in Saxony, the center is part of the »Advanced Heterogeneous System Integration and Advanced Packaging Pilot Line« and a core of R&D value creation within the framework of the European Chips Act.

CEASAX is a joint undertaking of Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID and Fraunhofer IPMS. These two R&D facilities in the field of microelectronics that are  the only 300 mm research centers in Germany with industry standard equipment.

What we offer

Our Focus: High Performance & Low Power Electronics


Technology development for

  • Chiplet integration
  • 3D integration
  • High density connections for nodes ≥ 10 nm

Application scenarios

  • Neuromorphic computing
  • Quantum computing
  • Trusted electronics
  • Communication
  • Si-Photonics

Our Offer: From Design to Frontend to Systems on 300 mm


  • Integrated passive/active components
  • Emerging memories
  • BEoL & FEoL CMOS technology modules for ≥ 10 nm
  • Post-FAB wafer processes
  • High density 2.5D/3D wiring through active and passive
  • interposers for high bandwidth and high frequency

Portfolio for


  • Intelligent sensor systems
  • Future technologies for the development of chiplets
  • Technology modules for HPC and AI
  • Process solutions for wafer level integration, 3D SiP and
  • 3D wafer stacking
  • Assembly and wafer level packaging
  • Advanced interposer technology for highly integrated SiPs

At a glance

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Press release / 8.2.2024

Roofing Ceremony for CEASAX


Press release

New center for semiconductor research opened in Dresden